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Grammy AwArD Winner Juice Newton


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There is a video on the internet that has misinformation about Juice.  Please note that she is doing great and enjoying life.

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Tom Kealey played with Juice in the Silver Spur band.  Recently, he shared a memory that he thought fans would like to know about.

“My, “THAT THING YOU DO” moment…

By: Tom Kealey

In 1996 a movie was released called, “That Thing You Do,” starring Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler and others. It was about a young appliance salesman who agrees to fill in for an injured drummer as the band competes in a local talent show, and as a result four stars are born. A record executive (Hanks), who happened to be present, quickly signed the group and used his experience to catapult them, and their very catchy song, to the top of the charts.

One of the scenes in the movie catches the group completely off guard as they were to find that their signature song was being played on the radio. I refer to this scene as their, “That Thing You Do” moment.

Well, I had such a moment back in 1975.

Juice Newton, Otha Young and I, only a few weeks earlier, had signed a recording contract with RCA Victor Records and agreed to meet at a nightclub called Jason’s located in Burbank, CA for the purpose of checking out a drummer who was recommended to us. (Since we were signed to the label as a trio, we needed to hire a few additional players to round out the band) We were standing near the bar waiting for the group to take the stage when Juice grabbed me by the arm and said, “Tom…Listen!”

Up until that time I had not paid any attention to what was being played in the background. It was just music, and even though I recognized the song, it somewhat blended in along with everything else.

Then it hit me!!!

KNX-FM was the house music played during breaks, and the station was playing “You Please Me.” A song I had written a few weeks earlier, and we had since recorded it for our debut album called, “Juice Newton and Silver Spur.” We were floored to say the least, and couldn’t get the grins off of our faces. Especially mine!

Just imagine the thrill of hearing your own voice, singing the lead vocal to a song that you penned yourself, and having heard it for the first time, and many times thereafter, over the airwaves of the most popular FM radio station in Southern California.          

Look back and see if you can recall ever having had a, “THAT THING YOU DO,”moment of your own.”

Thank you Tom for sharing this with everyone.  The “behind the scenes” moments like this show the hard work and drive to be a recording artist.

Juice Newton became a super star in 1981 with her signature song “Angel of The Morning.”  The album that contained this hit entitled “Juice” went platinum and contained “Queen of Hearts” and “The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)” and was a major success.

The album “Quiet Lies” also went platinum and contained the hits “Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me” and “Break It to Me Gently” and “Heart of The Night.”  The decade of the 80’s brought Juice much acclaim and success.

Juice’s passions are just as famous as her songs.  Juice’s passions outside of music are horses and her family.

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Number one songs and music awards are accolades of the recording industry but to have a career to run as long as Juice’s has, is due to her wonderful fans

“Thank you everyone for the love and support!”